A leading company within the Real Estate sector of Bangladesh, Enosis Development Ltd. has grown rapidly in recent years. To provide high-quality services to Bangladesh residents looking to buy homes they can call their own, the firm was established. Since its inception, Enosis Development Ltd. has been committed to creating healthy, comfortable, aesthetic & green residential buildings.

The team at Enosis Development Ltd. is comprised of some of the best and brightest minds available to oversee every aspect of design, development, and customer service. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Each building is designed to withstand the code-specified natural forces like earthquakes and turbulence. By enabling our clients to personalize their homes, they are able to see, touch, and feel the options that fit their lifestyle. We can assure our clients that their investment will be effective and profitable for years to come. The Enosis Development Ltd. team is dedicated to creating spaces of your dreams for your future and for future generations. The development efforts we make are not merely a mix of bricks and stones, but a labor of love. Our track record, integrity, and client service give us the edge to grow.

We always try adhere to honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of its business.


The concept for our logo is derived from the shape of human hands, As it’s name enosis = Unity/friendship, the shape defines two hands come for unity/friend and hold touch each other and make a shelter. It defines also that it keep dreams inside the shelter. Usually, it is something we care about, it create things which is valuable to us. When rain comes and attempts to harm it then we protect it with our palms.

However, our logo explore our care we have and emotion we put into our creation. Moreover, it is a symbol that inspires us in every moments to move forward to make our commitment fulfil, client satisfaction by ensuring their safety, superior product and service.